Coming Soon ... The Traveler's Heart: A Journey Home

Julie's passion for travel and adventure combined with her calling as a tranformational coach, trainer and speaker is the inspiration for her first published book. Stay tuned for more details on the launch date and pre-order instructions.

The Traveler’s Heart: A Journey Home explores how life can be radically different if you choose to see the new possibility for something better, bigger, bolder for yourself in the world and for the world. Through intimate storytelling and practical coaching antidotes, Julie reveals how traveling the world, and traversing the ups and downs of daily life, provided her the 5 wisdoms she needed to finally break free from her own self-imposed restrictions to create a wildly different world to live, work and play today in Bend, Oregon USA.

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What's Blocking Your Path to Fulfillment?

Julie has created an unique assessment which reveals four different Archetypes who speak to our most fundamental ways of being in the world. Understanding which of these archetypes applies to you will allow you to discover what you need to shift to break free, how to unlock the latent gifts within the archetype and how to embrace the highest level aspects of yourself.

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Are you feeling like you’re trapped in a life that doesn’t reflect your dreams, hopes, and passions?

(It’s going beyond a case of “the blahs.” This is deeper.)

Somewhere along the line, you’ve become lost. You need to get back on track (and you don’t want to put everything in storage, find a home for the cat, and take off to Paris. Although that does sound nice…)

No, you need to be fulfilled here, in the life you have. Now.

That’s where “7 Mindset STAPLES for Your Fulfilled Life” comes in!

You’ll learn what are the non-negotiables in your life are and start to see how to put them BACK into your life.

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