Janet Bray Attwood

"If you want a sure thing - if you want someone to take you through the minefields of your limiting beliefs and show you how to really love yourself fully - someone who knows what it means to live a passionate life -  Julie's the sure thing."

Beth Schindele

Creator of Radiant Love and Owner of Find Your North Star~

Often we have the opportunity to meet, and work with, insightful, caring, kindhearted people. It is an added blessing if those people are authentic, passionate and share their joy with us. Such is my blessing and good fortune to get to meet and work with Julie Zolfo. Julie's dedication to her craft, sharing her skill set and knowledge with others, and her openness, understanding and energetic leadership have made all the difference in my outcomes. Julie is one of a kind. Her guidance is on target. Julie has a passion for living full out at a 10 and encourages others to do the same.

Laurice Duffy

Creator of A Mindful Journey, Life Coach

I just finished the four-day (Passion Test) certification course. I highly recommend this (course) for people like me who are life coaches and are eager to grow their coaching business while expanding their services. The Passion Test process is so simple, yet so powerful. After just 4 days I left empowered, educated and confident in my abilities to run workshops and one-on-one sessions. I’m so excited to be part of a global family that will support me and the growth of my business, A Mindful Journey. A heart-felt shout out to Julie Zolfo, who is a Master Trainer with the Passion Test (and Mastery of Self Love) for recommending this course. It was her passion and success that sparked my curiosity and excitement to I’m glad I listened to my heart and took the (Passion Test) course. If you are wanting change in your own life and can change the life of others, I highly recommend attending a Passion Test certification.

Martin Fox

CEO, Center for Global Leadership

“Julie is one of those rare people who "really get it". Because our organization believes firmly in action learning, I completed the ELI assessment and had Julie coach me on my results. Julie's skill with the ELI was tremendous and her coaching is spot-on. CGL will be using Julie and ELI with our clients around the world. Thanks Julie!”

Laurice Duffy

A heart-felt shout out to Julie Zolfo, who is a Master Trainer with the Passion Test (and Mastery of Self Love) for recommending this course. It was her passion and success that sparked my curiosity and excitement (to take the Passion Test Certification)

Lisa M. Evans

Brampton, Ontario, Canada

I am deeply grateful for my Passion Test mentor, Julie Ann Zolfo, for her guidance during this process. Using coaching language, Julie encouraged me to leave my intellect at the door, and connect more deeply with my intuitive nature. Her mentorship was a key factor in my ability to get the most from these powerful teachings.

Dave Guido

Financial Advisor, Washington, DC

“What can I say? I can tell you that if you want to unlock your dreams and find a way to connect your everyday life to those dreams than Julie is an incredible resource. Through her search for unlocking her dreams she connects with her clients on a level most people aren’t willing to go to, she is willing to push you, make you just a bit uncomfortable but she does it with joy and the results speak for themselves. I leave every conversation with her convicted and energized about my future!”

Renee McInnis

“Julie Ann gave an exceptional inspirational presentation for a professional women's group I attend. She was able to help people identify with the passions that guide them and translate those passions into action steps. Julie Ann can help you take the right steps to make your dreams a living reality. Highly recommended.”

Terri Coleman

Julie's positive energy is too much for one person...so she shares it! Julie's has embraced the opportunity to examine her LIFE CHOICES and APPLY her "Fulfillment Factor Formula" to her own life! She knows, as all of us should, that we play a vital role in the direction our lives. Julie's attention to details, her awareness of the relationship between choices and outcomes and her focus on the goal of achieving a Fulfilled Life have come together to in her coaching practice, Energetic Choices. TLC Support Services used this service to examine the energy leadership of the company and to examine the core values and goals of the staff, with an attempt to align our focus for the future. We are a small company and feel this was an important step for us. Much like a marriage as the partners grow it is so important to make sure the growth is in the same direction! Julie’s service is a life-long tool! TLC wishes Julie continued success on her journey!