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Tailored one-on-one private sessions focus on real-life circumstances in the areas of PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION,  LIFE/CAREER TRANSITION or RE-ASSIMILATION/RE-ENTRY; we are here to help nagivate the inbetween time of uncertainty to clarity.

All Coaching Sessions are available IN PERSON or VIRTUAL and always include an OUTDOOR/NATURE immersion activity. This is what makes our programs stand out in the transformational coaching world.

So whether you are feeling complacent, confused or hopeless about a delicate situation or if you seek guidance on a major career decision or you're dealing with a life transition (voluntarily or no), learn to access your internal wisdom and external drive, so you can finally experience the tantalizing freedom of living life full out  in every area of your life.


A great alternative for clients who seek powerful transformational in a collaborate setting or corporate teams and seasoned leader who seek to improve how they relate as a core team and with their customers. Having the right tools to respond to the life and work is imperative in this ever-evolving changing new normal.

Aimed at helping individuals, companies and institutions who want to explore and integrate new ways to make decisive decisions, take inspired action and experience life from a conscious heart-level. Topics include:  Transformation Travel, Passion & Purpose, Energetic Leadership, Self-Love Mastery  Employee Engagement and Personal Fulfillment.


“Would you rather experience the same thing thousand times or have a thousand new experiences?” 

Whether the purpose of your meeting, break-out or conference is to entertain, inspire or inform, Julie delivers uplifting, engaging and thought provoking content that shake-ups your mind, ignites your heart and fuels your soul so you can get out there and experiment with life and its endless possibilities for something even greater to happen in and for your life.  Click here for more information on signature topics.


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