Coaching + Astrology

A Powerful Synergy to Makes Effective Changes

Over the past 20 years of professional experience and private practice, I have helped individuals – just like you - achieve emotional balance, mental clarity and spiritual wisdom to support their ultimate quest of self-discovery. In 2016, I began offering astrology services after learning about a challenging planetary combination which led to my own 3-year debilitating depression. Once I understood my own natal chart and mastered the movement of sky, I vowed to share this life-saving tool with everyone I encountered, friends and foes equally.

Don't Be Blinded By the Sun Sign Discover How All the Planets Impact Your Life

It is said human beings don’t come with an instruction manual. I beg to differ! Your astrology chart holds the key to your personality and path. An astrology natal chart or birth chart is a map of where all the planets were in their journey around the Sun at the exact moment you were born. A chart reading can reveal your strengths and weaknesses and your opportunities for soul growth. Have I piqued your interest? Schedule a Discovery Session to learn more.


60-Minute Natal Chart + Transit Consultation
30-Minute Natal Chart Analysis 
Half-Day Deep Dive
Workshops & Private Teachings

  • All sessions are available live or online
  • Every session includes a recording or summary report and a 22-page Lunar Resource Guide for a greater understanding of one's life purpose and passions.
  • Astrology is available with coaching services and workshops

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