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As THE go-to Passion and Energy Happy Feet Mindset Coach, Julie Zolfo is on a mission to teach you how to make passion-based choices so you can be free to experience life on your terms.

Before committing to her own coaching and training practice in 2010, Julie spent 20 years in corporate America in a variety of functions including Destination Marketing & Sales, Talent Development & Acquisitions, as well as, Performance Management for Turner Broadcasting Sales, Citigroup, Honeywell and Deloitte Professional Services. Regardless of her title or business role, Julie's innate expertise was being a natural coach, who thrived on successfully empowering her teammates and teams to be the best version of themselves...even when Julie didn't have an official coach title. To this day, Julie's relentless commitment to bring out the best in others, remains her legacy in the halls she walked, before walking away from corporate employment completely in 2018.

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I have started my life over more times than I can count! What I have learned is change - invited or imposed - is experienced best when embraced.
Don't Stress or Worry, I've got your back

My mission is to help those who seek certainty learn to stay in peace when the pieces of life fall apart. My own journey is filled with broken relationships, regrettable career choices and ugly truths. It is also filled with stories of comebacks, forgiveness and a resounding new peace in my soul due to a formula for living that I have applied to my life since 2010. Without a doubt, this formula has provided me the second chance at experiencing a peaceful life, even when the pieces still fall around me.

Since 2008, I have acquired notable coaching certifications (see below). What I really want you to know is this... during my own training in 2010 with The Passion Test, I had a deeply, transformative experience which led to developing my signature coaching process called the Fulfillment Factor Formula™ . In 2011 & 2012, the Fulfillment Factor Formula was published in two self-help Amazon anthology best-sellers and is targeted for its own book release in spring 2020. I look forward to sharing more about this with you soon.

I’ve had 17 residences in the last 20 years; lived in 10 US States, and relocated across USA 6 times. I have lived in the big cities and the small towns of America. Today, I'm clear I love West Coast living AND I'll always be a proud Jersey Girl.

I’ve leaped blindly when I had nothing to lose and I have taken calculated steps when I had everything to gain; the results were mixed. What I know today, however, is that each approach gifted the right result, even if the outcome appeared unwanted, unnecessary or undesirable. I have learned accepting what is, is exactly what is right in the moment for me.

I’ve had many jobs that drained my soul and a few cherished roles that fueled my heart. I’ve had bosses I respected and have known leaders who taught me how I never want to lead. I’ve had financial success that left me feeling broke and I’ve been under-compensated for doing what I love. [Can you relate to this?]

My past work and travels afforded me 4-stars dining, 5-star resort stays and even a sales trip to Asia with a former Mayor of San Francisco, yet my two most treasured "eat/stay" experiences were with the poorest of people in the Annapurna Mountains of Nepal, and on Amantani Island in Lake Titicaca, Peru. These families help me to recalculate what a “rich” family and “rich” life includes... and it has nothing to do with money.

My five favorite words start with the letter F: Faith, Family, Food, Fun and Football. These 5 words are the grounding factors to help me soar in my career and personal life. Today, I'm living out dreams and wishes most people are too afraid to explore or even take a first step towards dreaming. I want this for you too!

Prior to Creating Happy Feet Mindset Coaching and Seminars in 2010...

Before leaping with my two happy feet into my current passion of inspiring transformation through inner and outer adventures, I spent 20 years employed at some of the most prestigious global companies such as Deloitte, Honeywell, Citigroup, and Turner Broadcasting Sales in the talent development and performance management arenas. Those experiences, plus my own turbulent journey towards self-actualization, propelled me into my second act of life in the hopes of inspiring others - like you - to make their own passion, fueled choices that allow your heart to lead the way.


Living the Dream Is 110% possible... I'm Proof!


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