Discovery Session

Schedule Your Happy Feet Mindset Discovery Session

Have you been putting your dreams and desires on hold?

Is your joy dependent on a future outcome?

How much longer will you give energy to what no longer works?

Schedule Your Happy Feet Mindset Discovery Session

We've all done it! How many times have YOU put big joy, true desires and opportunities for lasting fulfillment on hold, until some magical future date?

Today, I’m inviting you to break free from your unhappiness or complacency, even if it’s just a small amount; that is no longer an acceptable standard of living. Right now, is your opportunity to start living with more joy, fun and fulfillment. I know you will thank me later for this opportunity. Someone did this for me, and I believe in paying it forward.

The intention of the Discovery Session is to have you train me on you, what you wish for in your life, and what you are willing to do differently, to create a passionate and fulfilling life.

Here's What We'll Cover

  • Why do you presently feel unfulfilled or stuck in an area of your life?
  • What are your hopes, desires, dreams for your future?
  • What results are you committed to producing?
  • How would you feel if you achieved your desired outcome?

Together, we will identify if you are a match for my work!

At the end of the Discovery Session, I will ask if you want to move forward and work together, if we have agreed that I can support you in your dreams, desires and commitments. Your answer is final!

Next Steps

All you need to do is select a time on the calendar provided and come to the session open, excited and eager to learn what's more possible for you. When you partner with the right person that's got your back stepping into the unknown becomes a wonderful exciting journey.

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