Step into the unknown
with Julie Zolfo

Comfort & Certainty...Overrated!

The Uncomfortableness of Change and Transition You Are Feeling Won't Last Forever, I Promise, However...

The same level of thinking that has brought you this far won't take you to where you want to go. Luckily, you've landed here at Happy Feet Mindset Coaching where you can get the expert guidance you need to veer off the tried-and-true trails and turn onto a newer path of possibilities... a path you don't need to walk alone!

What Would You Get To Experience If You Finally Took That First Step On A New Choice?

Hi! I’m Julie Zolfo, Creator of Happy Feet Mindset Coaching. I am on a mission to help seekers of certainty - just like you - navigate the disorienting in-between period of uncertainty followed often by imposed or invited changes.

Happy Feet Mindset is for you if:
  • You’re motivated to try a different approach.
  • You’re willing to take new action and follow through.
  • You want to leap, with both feet, into the unknown.
  • You’re hungry for more in your life.
  • You want to inspire and impact all you meet.
... AND, it is NOT for you if:
  • You want to stay in pain or tolerate mediocrity.
  • You’re looking for quick-fixes and short-cuts.
  • You are afraid to fail, been scene or be heard.
  • You are focused on why things won’t work.
  • You blame those around you for your troubles.

Now don’t hear me say this work is easy; hear me tell you this work works, if you work it AND it is worth it!